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    I agree, Kristi. I rarely read blogs that don’t have comments. When I have time to read, I want to do so in a community where I can interact with the writer and other readers.
    This has been an evergreen question to me. Any system I tried hasn’t been perfect, most are frustrating. I like owning my comments but WordPress hasn’t managed to improve their comment system. I can’t figure it out! Commenting is what makes blogging so awesome: Why does WordPress keep tweaking the dashboard but they’ve never got around to improving the commenting functionality!?

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    Interesting comments in here. As a commenter and reader, I quite like Disqus. It’s a single profile that I’ve been using across the major social and marketing blogs that I visit and it seems to be used by them, so I’m quite happy using it, and they send me decent notifications and updates about conversations happening in my network and people replying to stuff. They could improve their content discovery engine, but that’s not really their core business so I understand why they’re not spending too much time in that space.
    While running Disqus comments on a blog that I managed, I didn’t find too much trouble running it either. It gave me quick moderation control, filtered out a lot of the spam automatically and accidentally at times flagged good comments as spam – but it seemed to work fine.

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    Maybe some people like posting comments with Facebook, but I feel like there’s a worry about the activity being posted to your feed. With Disqus, they don’t have to worry about that and moderation is really good for the blogger.
    I see your point, although you aren’t completely anonymous with Disqus either. Maybe Facebook is better for blogs where you are not likely to see much controversial comments.

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