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    The benefits are there; leverage social proof, get instant feedback, get closer to your audience, develop relationships and boost engagement.
    Despite the benefits of blog comments, you need to seriously consider how they will fit into your overall blogging strategy.

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    If you want to take things to the next level, it’s important to remember that every tactic or marketing channel you implement on your blog needs to be
    For example, there are some blog posts where I don’t actively encourage comments because I have different conversion goals (another idea I touched upon last week) such as encouraging email sign ups.

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    Removing elements that cause friction with your audience isn’t always easy, sometimes it requires design tweaks that not everyone can do – but if you can, it’s well worth doing if it fits with your overall blogging strategy.
    If you are using any type of captcha’s that your readers have to fill in before they can comment – remove them.

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